Types and functions of bodybuilding black technology SARM


How safe is the bodybuilding black technology SARM?

SARM has been known to have the benefits of anabolic steroids but has fewer side effects than steroids.

  • No hepatotoxicity, no liver damage
  • Acts directly on testosterone in bone for anabolic through AR conduction
  • The reduced threat of prostate problems in men, no muscle loss
  • Does not affect your HPTA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid)
  • Similar effects of testosterone
  • No conversion of estrogen and DHT

For bodybuilders, using SARM will give you the following:

  • Muscle loss prevention (during fat loss)
  • Muscle development
  • Increased strength
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Ability to repair joints
  • Can be used during PCT

Let’s take a closer look at these gains.

1. Increased Muscle Strength

In Science Asia, test subjects experienced a 20-fold increase in muscle strength over the placebo group (the same as, for example, a 2kg increase in bench press in the placebo group, then a 40kg increase in bench press strength in the SARM group means). Test subjects continued to gain strength and muscle size gains in muscle tissue for up to 5 months. Still, effectiveness decreased significantly after the third month (SARM is not recommended for continued long-term continuous use).

2. Muscle Size Gain

The trial demonstrated a significant increase in muscle tissue (growth of muscle tissue) in the test subjects. Test results indicate that subjects will gain 3 to 15 pounds of muscle tissue in 12 weeks. The degree of muscle hypertrophy depends on the diet, training, and characteristics of the SARM (which SARM was used).

3. Tissue Selectivity

According to the Oxford Academic Journal (Endocrine), non-steroidal SARMS are designed to act on DNA expression only in selected regions of protein tissue. Unlike other anabolic agents, non-steroidal SARMS do not affect other tissues in the body.

4. Inhibition of cancer cell division

A study by PLOS has shown that non-steroidal SARMs have been studied in the fight against breast cancer. SARMs can play a pivotal role in treating breast cancer because of their non-transformative properties and lack of side effects.

Research results have shown that SARM can not only reduce the weight of cancer cells by 90% but also significantly inhibit the development of breast cancer.

5. Regulation of sexual desire

Recent studies have shown that SARM can significantly increase libido in men and women. Testosterone therapy is a common practice for men with hypogonadism. However, testosterone therapy has many side effects that result in serious consequences for the user, such as blood clots (often leading to stroke and heart attack), prostate enlargement that may even progress to prostate cancer, and gynecomastia (bitch milk) due to overproduction of estrogen. The 2014 Science article stated, “SARM’s beneficial pharmacology and ideal pharmacokinetics offer considerable promise in treating late-onset hypogonadism in men. Once-daily oral therapy combined with an effective dose that defines the margin of safety around it could challenge the status of testosterone replacement therapy as a treatment for late-onset hypogonadism.”

The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics reported that researchers had shown significant curative effects of non-steroidal SARM on female hypogonadism.

6. Safety and Tolerability

In the Oxford Journal of Geriatrics, Series A: Biological and Medical Sciences, the popular non-steroidal SARM (LGD-4033) has recently been studied for its efficacy and safety when applied in healthy young men. The results showed that normalization of hormone and lipid levels without PCT was achieved. No dangers were identified throughout the study. Although there was significant inhibition of testosterone and HDL cholesterol, it was not sufficient to cause adverse effects.

SARM Species Detailed Functional Description


Ibutamoren (Mk-677) is a potent growth hormone (GH) pro-secretor, which mimics the stimulatory effect of growth hormone on the endogenous hormone growth hormone-releasing peptide (Ghrelin).

It has been investigated in the last decade for treating low levels of IGF-1 and growth hormone deficiency in children and the elderly. Interestingly, MK-677 offers the advantage of being safer and more affordable than growth hormones.

Today, athletes have begun to utilize this potent compound as a performance enhancer to improve endurance, reduce fat and increase muscle mass. As a result, MK-677 has the potential to be a game changer due to the large number of counterfeit and low-dose HGH on the market.

MK-677 works by increasing the release of several hormones in the body, which include growth hormone and IGF-1, and it can work without affecting cortisol levels.

MK-677 also increases muscle mass and bone mineral density. In addition, it inhibits body fat accumulation, and studies have shown that those who gained lean body mass did not have any visceral fat gain. More importantly, those experimenters who did not have adequate daily protein intake still gained lean body mass.


(1) Helps prevent osteoporosis: LGD-4033 has a positive effect on BMD by increasing periosteal bone formation, which helps maintain bone mass while reducing muscle loss.

(2) Prevents cancer or malignant disease (Cachexia): Malignant disease is known to be very common in patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, kidney disease, etc. Using this will be able to prevent its occurrence, as LGD-4033 is known for increasing muscle mass and enhancing muscle strength. In this way, it can reduce the chances of developing malignant diseases in these individuals.

(3) Increase muscle mass: Want to get a muscular body? Now it is very easy to get better muscle mass with this. The supplement will allow your body to experience increased energy production and blood circulation, thus playing a greater role in muscle building.

(4) Increases body energy: One of the key functions of this is to increase your body’s metabolism, meaning your body will be able to burn a lot of fat, which can be converted into energy, which can also boost other body functions such as breathing and digestion.

(5) Helps with fat loss: LGD-4033 has also been found to play an important role in enhancing the weight loss process because it works by improving muscle strength, which means your body will burn more calories, which creates a larger caloric deficit when they are converted into energy, and at the same time protects the muscles from simply being broken down during the process.

(6) Increase muscle strength: For LGD-4033, it can prevent any muscle loss that may lead to osteoporosis, it can work by strengthening bone density, and it also gets a strength boost because of the increased body energy.

(7) Improves sexual performance: Many erectile dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, can be addressed using LGD-4033, which will positively affect your sex life.


(1). Improves muscle mass and latitude to help improve muscle atrophy: mk2866 is being studied to reverse muscle atrophy in cancer patients, malnourished and elderly people. Some limited information indicates that it increased lean muscle mass and latitude in clinical trials with healthy older adults. Importantly it does not have a steroid-like risk, so mk2866 can help improve muscle mass and atrophy.

(2). Improves bone health: As we age, a decrease in bone mass protective hormones can increase the risk of osteoporosis and poor bone. Increasing muscle mass can reduce the risk of fractures and accelerate recovery. Because mk2866 mimics testosterone in specific tissues of muscle and bone, it can prevent bone disease. Several animal studies have confirmed that SARMs like mk2866 increase muscle and bone strength.

(3). Helps fat burning and reduces muscle loss: mk2866 can further stimulate fat burning as well as prevent muscle loss during a fat loss because, during fat loss, you open up a caloric gap, and some loss occurs due to the lack of calories that can reduce muscle mass, during this time mk2866 can help them retain muscle, albeit on a low-calorie diet, and can maintain a synthetic state.


YK 11 will directly alter the structure of DHT, it will only bind to the androgen receptors in your muscles and bones, and while stimulating natural growth, YK 11 will only** activate some of the androgen receptors, preventing their full activation. This limited activation can therefore increase the activity of catabolic androgen genes. Also, YK 11 can help inhibit muscle growth, inhibiting hormones from increasing the presence of folic acid in your body to carry out the activity. As these levels rise, this will help control your muscle growth inhibitory hormone levels and prevent them from impeding muscle growth and capping. This is the only SARM known to inhibit muscle growth inhibitory hormone. Another positive YK 11 result that you can expect is its ability to affect DHT-like pathways. Activating protein kinase B will signal your brain to increase osteoblast production and encourage greater bone growth.

(1) Increase muscle latitude: YK-11 is not a traditional SARM; it stimulates muscle growth and produces new muscle cells (by naturally increasing folate cells) while inhibiting muscle growth and inhibiting hormone from increasing muscle latitude.

(2) Fat loss: While encouraging lean muscle mass growth, YK11SARM also causes significant fat burning in a short period.

(3) Bone and strength strengthening: YK 11 can improve bone strength by binding to androgen receptors, increasing activation of PKB (protein kinase B) cell levels, and leading to bone growth.


(1) Increase muscle mass: RAD 140 is more popular in bodybuilding; it can promote muscle growth without the adverse effects of conventional steroids.

(2) Breast Cancer: A common type of breast cancer called androgen and estrogen receptor-positive (AR/ER+) is hormone sensitive. Drugs that affect these receptors, such as SARMs, may have anticancer potential. This is because, in a cellular study, RAD 140 blocked the growth of breast cancer by blocking the action of estrogen in a zygote… Specifically, RAD 140 appears to inhibit the ESR 1 gene. This gene is responsible for making the estrogen receptor. Without enough receptors, estrogen becomes inactive.

(3) Protection of brain nerves: Androgens play an important role in protecting the brain. They promote brain cell growth, improve memory, and reduce amyloid beta accumulation. Amyloid beta plaques are one of the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease. In a rat study, RAD 140 protected brain nerves from damage caused by amyloid beta plaques. In addition, RAD 140 and testosterone were equally effective in preventing neurotoxins

(4) Fat-burning effect: Some users believe that SARMs increase muscle mass and reduce body fat content. But only one study in monkeys has examined the effects of RAD 140 on muscle and fat. While it increases muscle, the effect on body fat is unclear. This study did find that RAD 140 improved cholesterol levels. In addition, higher muscle mass increases energy use to further promote fat loss, but these factors do not come into play, so there is no evidence that rad 140 promotes fat burning.


**First and foremost for fat burning and endurance enhancement:**gw501516 can promote fat burning and lower blood lipids. Still, the existing effect is relatively low for fat burning and not too powerful, as it was originally designed to prevent obesity by increasing fat burning and lowering blood lipids through Improving Insulin Sensitivity. At the same time, your endurance will also be correspondingly boosted.

**For cardiovascular:**gw501516 For cardiovascular aspect, it can prevent oxidative damage to blood vessels. It can reduce the risk of plaque buildup in the arteries by promoting protective and vascular relaxation of nitric oxide. Low doses of gw501516 may reduce arterial tissue damage and inflammatory response. It can help clean up blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart disease and complications. That’s why some athletes choose to include this in their circulation. And according to some animal and cellular studies, gw501516 may also protect blood vessels from oxidative stress and inflammatory responses.

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