The “Muscle building bomb”: Anadrol (Oxymetholone) comprehensive analysis


1. What is Anadrol?

It is a DHT derivative belonging to 17-AA steroid, also known as A50, developed in 1960 to treat anemia and cause weight loss in the rescue, so it is a very effective weight gain, increases appetite, increases the number of red blood cells, rehab loan is a very effective anabolic drug, it also suppresses its hormone secretion, and has a certain effect on your blood lipids, causing water retention, headache, and it is a very effective anabolic drug. It causes water retention and headaches, and it is the most hepatotoxic of all steroids, which is mind-boggling. Rehab can greatly increase appetite to promote weight gain, but taking too much can sometimes suppress your appetite. Half-life less than 16 hours, androgenic rate: 45, anabolic rate: 320, the detectable period up to 8 weeks

There is a group of experiments to show that a novice who did not use the drug, if in the case of diet regulation, the use of Anadrol can grow 10KG, usually use the cycle in 4 weeks, tolerable can be controlled in 6 weeks, but Anadrol storage water, may have some water weight growth, but he allows you in the off-season to improve the strength and overall girth to make your muscles more full. The first three weeks of Rehablon C are very exaggerated in terms of weight gain and muscle gain, and after three weeks, it quickly plateaus. Those side effects may always exist (headaches, water retention, elevated blood pressure, etc.), but depending on the individual, and may not always happen.

The AI aromatase inhibitor class of drugs will not have much effect on Anadrol; however, letrozole (the strongest anti-estrogen drug) can minimize the side effects of Anadrol by a very small amount. Reduce the elimination of Anadrol side effects, such as edema.

2. What does Anadrol do?

Anadrol can substantially improve strength, increase girth, and stimulate appetite; in use, the cycle is recommended to mix with other injectable steroids; Anadrol does as the first six weeks to start because the weight change is very obvious; this is a lot of athletes with bodybuilders choose, not recommended to use with other 17AA oral drugs synergistic.

Anadrol can lower SHBG so that there is more free testosterone in the body, which produces a stronger synergistic effect when stacked with other steroids, amplifying the circulatory effect and improving the circulatory efficiency.

Anadrol has a low binding rate with androgen receptors, can arrange itself, can greatly strengthen any increase in circumference C, and will not grab the position of androgen receptors with other steroids (receptors are limited); to put it bluntly, it can handle itself.

3. Anadrol use options?

Off Season: Anadrol is mainly used for off-season girth gaining and strength building in the first few weeks of the cycle to start; it works fast and also synergizes with other mixed steroids to produce powerful anabolic effects; generally speaking, the use cycle is 4-6 weeks, for the beginning, 50mg is enough, more experienced people can 100mg, both doses can bring you sudden progress, it cannot be used together with other 17-AA steroids, use Those who use more than 100 mg per day will find that progress is no longer noticeable, and the loss of appetite will make it difficult to gain girth. Please seek professional guidance to use ** scientifically and rationally.

Season: can also use rehabilitation dragon will appear in the second half of the C, mainly want to make the muscle full and round; athletes must have some experience or use improperly caused by water retention, 50 mg per day for four weeks before the race, or 25 mg to adjust, you already have a very good state of the situation, if the reduction is not very clean, or do not use this method, will directly blow up.

4. Rehabilitation Dragon side effects?

Anadrol is trans-female; Anadrol estrogenization has been a mystery, resulting in water storage; it is recommended to use with anti-female drugs; Anadrol will not be directly converted to estrogen in the body, so ana these aromatase-inhibiting compounds will not significantly reduce the steroid estrogen live, letrozole can be very good to eliminate the side effects brought by Anadrol.

Anadrol DHT derivative side effects include oily skin, acne, and increased body hair, and at high doses, are more likely to produce these side effects, as well as possible hair loss (in people with the hair loss gene). It is just a matter of sooner rather than later having the hair loss gene.

Anadrol reduces good cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol, and a healthy lifestyle is best for dealing with cholesterol problems by consuming rich Omega fatty acids, avoiding saturated fatty acids and simple sugars, and getting enough aerobic exercise.

All anabolic products inhibit their own testosterone secretion, so you need exogenous testosterone (injection); if testosterone exists in your circulation, then you need not worry at all when exogenous testosterone and anabolic drugs leave your body at the end of the cycle (stop), then you need PCT to restore their own testosterone is very critical, pct rapid activation (to protect the circulation effect link), improper recovery will cause health problems, For example, low testosterone, while some of the problems caused by low testosterone, while hard work long muscle loss, cortisol dominates fat storage. Recovery using tamoxifen clomiphene chlordiazepoxide to speed up your recovery process involves too many professional things, can not be clear one by one, and is not used; the use of the cycle method is extremely delicate.

Recovery dragon has hepatotoxicity, is ranked top, needs care in place, and avoids drinking alcohol during the cycle. Please find professional guidance, scientific and reasonable to use

5. Rehabilitation Dragon use strategy?

If you can tolerate 25-50 mg well, then 75-100 is better, remember the higher the dose, the greater the risk, but more than 100 is not advisable; studies have shown that more than 100 is not better than 100, and suppressing appetite and muscle gain is putting the cart before the horse. The best use of 4-6 weeks the obvious changes in the first four weeks. **

For the sake of safety and prevention, the list of side effects of Anadrol in this article may be quite extensive, and we recommend that any reader planning to try this drug should be fully prepared for the following:

  • Be sure to ensure the quality of the Rehablon used and establish a safe and reasonable period of use based on individual circumstances;
  • If you are extremely sensitive to the side effects of Rehablon or have any other reactions, it is important to tell a professional or doctor immediately, as this “unexpectedness” is likely to cause other unknown problems;
  • It is not recommended that you use Rehablon if you have any of the following diseases or problems: liver or kidney disease; high cholesterol levels; bleeding/clotting disorders (or take blood thinners); prostate cancer; heart disease; swelling (edema or fluid retention); prostate enlargement; diabetes; male or female breast cancer (high blood calcium levels in women)
  • Anadrol is not recommended for any woman;
  • Long-term use of Rehablon can lead to liver tumors or congested cysts. If you experience more significant persistent upper abdominal pain, loss of appetite, dark urine, or jaundice during use, discontinue use immediately and seek immediate medical attention**
  • Relax can affect fertility in both men and women**
  • Anadrol should not be used by anyone under the age of 18, and in principle, we advocate that no anabolic steroids should be used by anyone under the age of 25**
  • Regardless of the combination of Anadrol with any steroid, PCT should be followed up promptly at the end of the cycle.

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