How should Trenbolone acetate(Tren-A) be used scientifically?


Trenbolone is a steroid with the advantage of not undergoing harmful metabolism and is not affected by aromatase or five alpha-reductase. It is a very potent steroid that binds very effectively to androgen receptors; and has a half-life shorter than one day. This latter property makes it very useful in short cycles, as the transition from anabolic effective blood levels to sufficiently low levels can be quickly recovered.

Since it is unaffected by aromatase, it is not converted to estrogen.

Taking 50 mg of Trenbolone acetate daily is a good dose for his first cycle or someone 20 pounds below his natural limit, while more advanced users may have accepted a 100 mg/day. In a few cases, a low dose of 35 mg/day is preferred because the user has an unusual sensitivity to night sweats or excessive central nervous system stimulation to the drug.

Although these appear to be low doses – for any other injectable, they would be low doses of the only class I androgen – the milligram dose of Trenbolone is approximately three times higher than most androgen receptor injectables. Thus, although the total weekly milligram dose is moderate, 50 mg/day of Trenbolone combined with an effective dose of a class II steroid (such as 50 mg/day of vigorous supplementation) can produce a very effective stacking effect.

Trenbolone is one of the most effective androgens to aid in weight loss. But contrary to some claims, the acetate ester has no specific effect: other esters of Trenbolone are equally effective.

It is not recommended that Trenbolone be used alone in a steroid cycle. It may be almost completely devoid of non-AR-mediated or non-genomic properties since the benefits obtained with Trenbolone alone (regardless of dose) are greatly reduced when the same total mg dose is taken weekly in combination with Trenbolone and Class II compounds. Therefore, it is recommended to include Class II steroids or testosterone when using Trenbolone.

Trenbolone is highly inhibitory to testosterone production, even at very low levels. Since normal male estrogen levels are available through the aromatization of testosterone, testosterone production is highly suppressed, and estrogen levels are lower than normal during the Trenbolone cycle. This usually produces mood, libido, and/or joint problems.

Even modest additions of testosterone (e.g., 100 mg/week) or low doses of HCG can resolve this problem. Alternatively, a small amount of vigorous supplementation twice daily may be sufficient to avoid abnormally low estrogen. Of course, in the case of testosterone or vigorous supplementation, more drugs will be used for greater benefit. These are just the minimum values regarding estrogen problems.

There is a myth that Trenbolone is “bad for the kidneys.” I have found no specific toxicity of Trenbolone to the kidneys in the scientific literature, nor is it a problem in practice. In some rare cases, the urine is brown. I don’t know the cause. For myself alone, for example, after years of use, it happened once for me, and over time I have at least 50 grams of Trenbolone acetate in my system. For others, it is usually an unusual side effect if not seen at all. Many users never see it. If it is frequent for a given user, I would suggest another drug, as the cause is unknown and can be built into an effective cycle without Trenbolone. But this is not the case for the vast majority (if any).

Other Qunbolone myths include claims of progestational activity – veterinary studies suggest this is not the case – and it is said to have similarities to nandrolone due to the common characteristic of lacking the 19-methyl group. However, the latter is invalid reasoning, and practice has not demonstrated adverse conditions specific to the rare nandrolone.

I do not think that Gunpurong is capable of causing or aggravating gynecomastia. I am unaware of a situation in which the source of Ultramalon is Parabolan (returned when available), Finaplix H, or TH ingredients. This issue only arises when the source is an underground lab or home preparation is made from a powder from a black market supplier. Since the wholesale price of Gunpuran directly from the manufacturer is much higher than the wholesale price of most anabolic steroids, it is not surprising that substitution or partial substitution often occurs with underground products. In addition, some people may have mistakenly prepared preparations from Finaplix S, which contains estradiol benzoate as an ingredient and, therefore, certainly causes estrogenic reproductive hormones.

A side effect usually associated with Trenbolone is an increase in aggressiveness. However, any increase in aggressive tendencies (which does not imply aggressive behavior) is completely controllable, as with testosterone, even if not noticeable.

Two other possible side effects are night sweats and decreased aerobic capacity.

When used, Trenbolone Acetate should be injected daily. The difference between daily use and every other day use is very significant. This is attributed to the short half-life of the drug.

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