Function and Side Effects of Dromostanolone Propionate


Drostanolone propionate has fairly mild anabolic properties and is often considered a relatively weak steroid because it does not cause significant muscle growth to a large extent compared to other steroids.

Drostanolone propionate is the most commonly used drug by bodybuilders during the preparation phase; it is also commonly used by speed athletes to increase muscle mass and strength and reduce body fat during the season phase, with relatively few side effects.

It is important to note that if your body fat percentage exceeds 25%, you will not see even half the effectiveness of this drug. Therefore, you must be clear about whether you should use it and when to use it so that you can expect its benefits.

Drostanolone propionate can help women fight breast cancer because it has strong anti-estrogenic properties, and bodybuilders don’t need to receive additional anti-estrogens after using it (depending on cycle specifics and other stacked drug analyses).

Drostanolone propionate properties summary

Drostanolone propionate has a mild diuretic effect and is an excellent drug for achieving muscle “dryness” during the preparation phase. Still, athletes must adhere to a strict diet, which works well when the body fat percentage is small (no more than 10%).

It promotes hard and elastic muscles; makes the skin thinner and more vascular; highlights muscle fibers; accelerates recovery, increases endurance, and does not increase weight; is non-aromatic and does not cause estrogen-related side effects.

Half-life: 2~3 days

Estrogenic activity: none

Progesterone activity: unknown (low)

How to use: Intramuscular injection

Dosage: Men 200~600mg; Women 20~50mg

Acne: according to individual

Water retention: no

Hypertension: on an individual basis

Hepatotoxicity: No

Aromatase: no

Progesterone activity: no

DHT conversion rate: no

HPTA function: reduced

Anabolic activity: 25-40%

Androgenic activity: 62-130%

Side effects

Significant masculine features (deepening of the voice, menstrual disorders, rough skin, increased facial hair, enlarged clitoris) with female use

The possibility of acne on the face or body

The hair growth or androgenic baldness.

Elevated LDL lowers HDL.

Suppressing endogenous testosterone production, which should be combined with PCT after the cycle

Like other anabolic steroids, the use of Drostanolone propionate has to vary from person to person. As a common drug in the preparation phase, it will improve muscle mass and enhance muscle visualization. Still, not everyone needs it, especially for those players who have high muscle mass itself and do not even need any fat loss drugs in the fat loss phase.

Classic stacked drugs of Drostanolone propionate include boldenone undesilinatom, stanozolol, Primobolan, trenbolone, or oxandrolone.

If a female bodybuilder wants to use this drug, 50 mg per week is sufficient for a cycle length of 4-6 weeks.

Drostanolone propionate is contraindicated in the following conditions

Allergies, acute liver disease, renal disease, cardiovascular system (myocardial infarction, severe Hypertension, hypertensive crisis), hypercalcemia, end-stage breast cancer.

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