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Testosterone enanthate is the earliest and most widely used anabolic steroid. It is a long chain of testosterone with a slow onset of action. Synthetic testosterone first appeared in the 1930s without an ester chain and was a water-based suspension injection that worked quickly but required frequent injections. 1937 saw the introduction of Schering’s Testosterone Propionate, which contained an ester that delayed the release of its effects, which allowed for less frequent injections. Testosterone enanthate, with a longer ester chain, was introduced in the early 1950s, further slowing down hormonal activity, and testosterone enanthate became the ruler of the market.

Testosterone enanthate is a compound with a long chain of esters on testosterone that is attached to the 17-beta hydroxyl group of the hormone. This mechanism controls the validity and releases the time of the hormone. After injection, testosterone begins to work only after the ester chain is broken. This separation process is not done in one step, which allows the hormone to enter the body slowly and steadily, with a sharp increase in testosterone 24-48 hours after injection and continued diffusion throughout the body afterward.

Like other testosterone hormones, testosterone enanthate has an anabolic and androgenic index of 100. This index is based on testosterone, and unlike other steroids, the structure and function of testosterone determine its high anabolic and androgenic capacity.

Functions and properties of testosterone enanthate:

Testosterone enanthate is a compound with a long chain ester on testosterone; this ester chain is attached to the 17-beta hydroxyl group of the hormone molecule, a mechanism that controls the validity and releases time of the hormone. After injection, the testosterone breaks off the ester chain and begins working. This separation process is not done in one step, which allows the hormone to enter the body slowly and steadily, with a sharp increase in testosterone 24-48 hours after injection and continued diffusion throughout the body thereafter.

Like other testosterones, testosterone enanthate has an anabolic and androgenic capacity index of 100 based on testosterone.

Testosterone enanthate is a good choice for the treatment of low testosterone, which is the inability of your body to produce enough of the major androgen testosterone on its own. Women can also suffer from this condition, and testosterone enanthate can be used for their treatment, but female patients are better suited for gels containing testosterone or testosterone implant pellets like Testopel.

Men with low testosterone levels can suffer from a range of symptoms, a subnormal state that can be irritating and lead to many more serious problems, the main manifestations of which are

Decreased or absent sex drive

Erectile dysfunction

Decreased muscle size

Decreased strength

Increased body fat

Psychological problems such as difficulty concentrating



Excessive irritability

Lack of energy


weakened immune system

Testosterone enanthate is effective in alleviating and improving all of these problems. It is important to note that ignoring low testosterone can lead to many more serious conditions.

Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s Disease

Diabetes Diabetes



Polyuria polyuria

Anxiety anxiety

Heart Disease heart disease

Testosterone enanthate is a good choice when the above symptoms of low testosterone are found. More and more healthcare professionals are beginning to understand and accept this topic, but there are still conservative doctors on this issue.

Athletes alike can benefit from testosterone enanthate just as low testosterone people do. Exogenous hormones that exceed their own secretory levels can greatly improve physical, mental, and sexual performance, and several properties of testosterone ensure this.

1. Increased protein synthesis

Protein is the raw material that makes up muscle tissue, and testosterone enanthate increases the rate at which the body synthesizes protein, thereby increasing the rate of anabolic activity and physical recovery.

2. Positive nitrogen balance

Improving nitrogen retention ensures an anabolic environment. The nitrogen content of muscle tissue is about 16%, below which catabolism occurs. Positive nitrogen balance means anabolic and improves the ability of tissue growth to protect muscle from loss.

3. Increased red blood cell count

An increase in red blood cells means increased muscle endurance; this is because red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and high blood oxygen means greater endurance and recovery.

4. Glucocorticoid suppression

Glucocorticoids are steroid hormones secreted by the body, but their catabolic nature can lead to muscle breakdown and fat accumulation. Cortisol, the most well-known glucocorticoid, is also known as a stress hormone or stress hormone. This hormone is necessary, but not in large amounts, and the result of testosterone suppression of glucocorticoids is a stronger anabolic environment.

The use of testosterone enanthate can effectively improve these effects; it’s that simple.

The effects of testosterone enanthate:

Treating low testosterone and improving its symptoms with direct hormone therapy is an effective means of curing low testosterone.

Testosterone enanthate also has multiple benefits for athletes; the direction of its action depends on your diet and training. It is not just a muscle-building or fat-loss steroid; it can be used for a variety of purposes in a drug cycle.

Testosterone enanthate is an excellent choice for increasing lean body mass during the off-season/muscle-gaining period and can help you increase your circumference quickly in a short period of time with adequate nutrition, but of course, you still have to eat well and train well, testosterone can increase your metabolic rate, which is good for fat burning, but you still have to be careful not to fucking eat and drink.

Testosterone enanthate in the fat loss cycle provides high levels of testosterone and also plays a role that cannot be ignored; at this stage, the caloric gap will threaten muscle tissue, and your body will find ways to get energy, including breaking down the two or two muscles you have worked so hard to train, a good diet plan should ensure maximum fat consumption while maximizing the retention or even increase muscle when we become less fat, the body Testosterone enanthate provides a high anabolic environment that allows us to burn fat with relatively little loss and a significant increase in metabolic rate to burn fat more effectively.

Testosterone enanthate can also greatly enhance muscle tolerance; you can train longer with greater intensity and recover faster, which means you can stimulate your muscles more in the gym and recover better from eating and sleeping; not only bodybuilders but also athletes in other sports can benefit from the tolerance and recovery brought by testosterone enanthate. High testosterone levels mean strength gains, which is excellent for any athlete and especially good for off-season/winter training to build strength and muscle. The role of the drug in maintaining strength levels is extremely important during the competitive bodybuilder’s season when calories are strictly controlled.

Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate

Side effects of testosterone enanthate are very easy to avoid for healthy adult males, including those with low testosterone, who experience few side effects. Athletes have a higher chance of problems, but they are manageable, and most men can tolerate high levels of testosterone. However, each person’s reaction and sensitivity varies, which is no different with testosterone enanthate than with any other substance that enters our bodies. Here are the testosterone enanthate side effects you need to know.

1. Feminization

Testosterone is converted to estrogen when it reacts with aromatase. Elevated estrogen levels can lead to bitching milk and excessive water storage, and severe edema can cause high blood pressure, which is not a problem in patients with low testosterone, and the danger increases when the dose exceeds physiological levels. This calls for the use of antiestrogenic drugs, of which there are two main classes: Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) and Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). Tamoxifen Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) is a SERM, and these drugs bind to estrogen receptors and prevent estrogen from binding to them. Anastrozole Arimidex (Anastrozole) is an AI that directly inhibits the aromatization process and reduces serum estrogen levels; AI is the preferred antiestrogen for testosterone enanthate, but it causes cholesterol problems and is not dangerous when used alone, but side effects are significantly enhanced when combined with exogenous testosterone. SERM can solve the problem. It is the first choice, but testosterone is often dosed at supraphysiological levels, and AI is difficult to avoid.

2. Androgenicity

The androgenic side effects of testosterone enanthate can be severe, but this depends on fate. These side effects manifest as acne, hair loss (genetic predisposition to male pattern baldness), and increased body hair. People who are not genetically predisposed to baldness are less likely to have hair loss, and people who are not sensitive to acne rarely have problems.

The androgenic side effects of testosterone enanthate are due to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Finasteride, an inhibitor against this reductase enzyme, has some effect and relieves androgenization, but not completely.

3. Cardiovascular effects

Large amounts of exogenous testosterone inhibit and reduce HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). This side effect of low doses of testosterone enanthate is minimal, but with aromatase inhibitors, the situation is not so good. This requires people using testosterone enanthate to monitor lipid indicators, have a diet rich in quality fatty acids, recommend daily fish oil supplements, eat less saturated fat and simple carbohydrates, and do adequate aerobic exercise.

4. Suppress your own testosterone production

This is not a problem for a person with low testosterone because he doesn’t have enough in the first place. Athletes who do C period can also have enough hormone supply, but after anabolic steroid discontinuation, it takes time for self-secretion to recover.

A good quality PCT should include SERMs such as Tamoxifen Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate), and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG (HCG). PCT can speed up the recovery process and maintain normal physiological functions until normalcy is restored.

Self-testosterone recovery should be noted in the absence of prior hypotestosteronism, and that the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis (HPTA) axis has not been severely damaged by inappropriate steroid use.

5. Hepatotoxicity

Testosterone enanthate is not hepatotoxic and has little to no damage to critical organs when not abused.

How to use testosterone enanthate:

The common dose for low testosterone treatment is 100-200 mg every 7 to 10 days, with some practitioners splitting the total dose and injecting every five days.

The dose used by athletes to enhance athletic performance is typically 200-500 mg per week, and the dose used to counteract the decline in testosterone caused by other steroids is 200-250 mg per week. Most people inject 400-500 mg twice a week for effective muscle building. Generally, 500 mg is sufficient. 600-1000 mg is still in the acceptable range, but 1000 mg will cause varying side effects.

Regardless of the goal, testosterone enanthate can stack well with other steroids, but there is no need to share it with other testosterone, so please choose other steroids that help your goal.

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