About Tretorolone


1. What is Tretorolone

Tretorolone is called MENT; it is a derivative of progesterone (the same class of substances as Trenbolone, with card) and was introduced in 1963, and only gradually unfolded in 1990, today is one of the most potent steroid hormones; in the same dose, his anabolic rate is ten times that of testosterone, Trenbolone 2.5 times, for muscle latitude growth and strength is very helpful, he is a combination of androgen and progestin drugs It was initially developed for male contraceptive use and hormone replacement therapy for low testosterone, and later for athletic use. It is the only anabolic steroid that does not rely on exogenous testosterone but also has the physiological characteristics of testosterone (sexual life); theoretically, impotence does not exist. The use of tretorolone muscle growth acceleration and beautiful life is special.

Mechanism of action: sperm are produced in the testes; in order to allow male contraception to interrupt the pituitary gland to release chorionic prod to prevent sperm production, low-dose Tretorolone effectively inhibits the corpus luteum and follicles, follicular hormone and testosterone is the condition of sperm production, by inhibiting follicles from creating an endocrine environment unfavorable to spermatogenesis while inhibiting the corpus luteum to further reduce sperm production will greatly reduce testosterone secretion, which leads to less sperm azoospermia this is the above said The effect of contraceptive infertility for clinical use could be restored after discontinuation of the drug, so there is no need to worry about low testosterone, easy fatigue, lack of energy, loss of skeletal muscle, low libido, etc., but the androgenic and anabolic properties of tretorolone largely ameliorate these problems. Essentially tretorolone replaces testosterone in the body as the primary androgen.

2. Tretorolone Action

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for developing male characteristics and vital to muscle development and reproduction. All the exogenous hormones you enter the body are bound to the body’s androgen receptors to achieve anabolic effects. Testosterone enters the body 78% bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and, once bound, becomes useless and inactivates testosterone. SHBG means more ineffective testosterone and less free testosterone, so the body has Testosterone deficiency, which leads to gynecomastia, fatigue, depression, lethargy, low strength levels, and reduced muscle mass. Whether natural or cycling, players have to make these hormone applications valuable.

Tretorolone is a 7a structure, so it cannot be reduced to the 5a structure of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to avoid the adverse effects on the prostate and hair and skin androgenic characteristics of this piece because there is no conversion of 5a reductase, tretorolone can more effectively and quickly complete the muscle building gains, tretorolone and male receptor binding ability is very strong, once combined with the expression of a strong protein synthesis capacity indicates a low dose of large effect, while tretorolone does not interact with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) has no affinity, which means more free testosterone can be utilized to freely promote muscle growth, and also indicates that tretorolone has very low suppression of its own gonads. Tretorolone can easily be stacked with other hormones to obtain stronger and more rapid growth results.

Summary: Promotes significant muscle growth, increases strength levels, does not turn female, does not bind to SHBG, and aggregates with other hormones to get better results.

3. Trenbolone side effects

  1. Tretorolone does not turn female, but the nature of progesterone determines that Tretorolone is more likely to stimulate the development of the mammary glands causing bitching milk, so the use of tritone must pay attention to the anti-female, Ana, Icy good choice, and at the same time with the Kamagra keratin, mainly female a little powerful this thing.
  2. Tretorolone side effects include causing acne, hair loss, and body hair growth. All may appear, but this also depends on the genes; if you do not have hair loss genes, you will not lose hair; if there are hair loss genes just sooner or later things, drugs just accelerate this time to come just; tretorolone is 7a structure, so can not be reduced to 5a structure of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to avoid the prostate and hair and skin androgenic characteristics of this piece of adverse effects, but there are certain chances hair exists, after all, Play endocrine a game in the body.
  3. Tretorolone hurts cholesterol, elevated LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), suppression of good cholesterol, increased blood pressure some problems, so it is extremely important to control cholesterol levels, especially when using Ai aromatic inhibitors; it will also hurt cholesterol, the best way to control cholesterol and hypertension is to healthy lifestyle habits are important: regular aerobic training, reduce the sodium in food It is important to have regular aerobic training, reduce sodium intake in food, eat as clean as possible, take dietary supplements with fish oil and Omega unsaturated fatty acids, and avoid saturated fats and simple sugars (fast carbs). These have to be careful; please seek professional guidance to use
  4. All anabolic products inhibit their own testosterone secretion; although it is the only anabolic steroid that does not rely on exogenous testosterone, the central nervous system suppression is still there; the reason for the principle of its mechanism of action, it is then necessary to PCT to restore their own androgenic hormone testosterone is very critical rapid activation (to protect the effect link), improper recovery will cause health problems, such as low testosterone. In contrast, low testosterone brought about by Some of the problems, while hard work long muscle loss, cortisol dominates fat storage. Using tamoxifen, clomiphene, and chorionic gonadotropin to speed up your recovery process involves too many specialized things to explain one by one.
  5. Tretorolone has a slight hepatotoxicity, and liver protection is recommended, but it is really minimal compared to oral.

4. Trenbolone use strategy

Commercially available trenbolone acetate is routinely used every other day at 50mg-100mg; 50 mg can meet the basic requirements of all people, it requires frequent injections, very suitable for athletes race-level preparation to collect dry and off-season muscle gain, novice primary cycle generally 4-6 weeks, advanced athletes 6-8 weeks.

Every user should try to avoid reducing side effects while getting the best anabolic effect to minimize them; in a sense, choosing an unscientific cycle plan and wasting more time with inferior drug brands is equivalent to delaying one’s progress.

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