A comprehensive analysis of Boldenone


I. What is Boldenone?

Boldenone is a steroid derived from testosterone. Initially, a veterinary drug in the 70s and 80s medical Boldenone in the human market success; although the synthetic ability is not stronger than testosterone, Boldenone aromatization rate is only 50% of testosterone, estrogen side effects have less impact, so that he grows weight is pure muscle growth, in the injection of 3-4 days the drug in the body content peak, and slowly released in the next 21 days. It is often said that the generation of card and Baodanone are similar varieties; the generation of card Durabolin and Baodanone’s biggest difference is nandrolone with progesterone qualities and Baodanone without. It is used in medical clinics for the treatment of muscle loss and osteoporosis. Off-season increases lean body mass, improves strength and appetite, off-season maximizes muscle retention, vascular prominence, and muscle firmness – plain and simple!

It improves protein synthesis efficiency, which means better-utilized proteins that facilitate muscle dimension growth.

It improves nitrogen retention, which indicates less muscle loss and puts the body in a positive nitrogen environment with a stable anabolic environment.

It increases the number of red blood cells in the blood, indicating that more oxygen is good for muscle endurance and recovery.

It increases the growth of insulin growth factor, a powerful anabolic product that stimulates muscle recovery and can affect cells by enhancing anabolic function.

It inhibits the cortisol hormone, a hormone that destroys muscle while storing fat and breaking down muscle.

II. Baodanone use options?

Off-season: Baodanone is a tolerated steroid that can safely improve the anabolic environment; it can bring lean weight gain, although not as fast as other effects, but will not cause very serious water storage (so it will not cause increased blood pressure) Baodanone will also improve appetite especially prominent, can help you take in more calories, so with the role of anabolic steroids in the anabolic steroid is not just muscle gain, while Baodanone significant characteristics of Improve strength, many people used for the off-season to increase strength to increase the dimension, (you should be clear that the training intensity, as well as the effect, depends on the strength level) user recovery ability will also come up, Baodanone’s detectable cycle is very long up to 5 months.

Season: Does the fat loss cycle positively affect retaining muscle when low-calorie, low, carbon muscle loss substantially? Baodanone is good here to retain muscle while adjusting body condition; in fat loss, Baodanone is basically used as a starter drug in the early stage, stopping at one half of the cycle in order to avoid estrogen side effects causing water storage edema, although the estrogenic aspect is not strong, still to avoid, also can be in season Ensure that the power does not fall, so that the blood vessels are more prominent muscle tighter.

Muscular and sexy torso of young man with perfect abs

III. Baodanone side effects?

  1. It is less aromatized but still exists. High estrogen level will cause milk estrogenization, water storage, and increased blood pressure (a serious case of water storage), but ,it will not happen because of the aromatization rate is low and the reasonable use arrangement is controllable. However, when the dose is increased, the side effect concern is also increased accordingly. (Anti-estrogenic AI inhibitors are necessary to be prepared)
  2. Due to its structure, it reduces the probability of inducing androgenic side effects, but there are still androgenic side effects such as acne, hair loss, baldness, and growth of body hair, individual differences in each person’s reaction, most of which are related to genetics, but these are controllable. Boldenone is not affected by 5-alpha inhibitors.
  3. This side effect is much less than oral use and ensures that all indicators are healthy enough before using it. Boldenone still has a negative effect on cholesterol, suppressing good cholesterol and increasing bad cholesterol, which is manageable for most healthy adults, so it is extremely important to control cholesterol levels, especially when using Ai aromatase inhibitors at the same time, which also have a negative effect on cholesterol. The best way to control cholesterol is to lead a healthy lifestyle:
  • Regular and adequate aerobic training
  • Reducing sodium intake in food
  • Eating as clean as possible
  • Taking dietary supplements with fish oil and unsaturated fatty acids

There are rules about these, so please seek professional guidance on their use.

4. Anabolic products inhibit your own testosterone production, so you need exogenous testosterone to go with it. If testosterone is present in your circulation, then you don’t need to worry about it at all, and it doesn’t matter what testosterone you use. You need them to ensure the overall level of testosterone in the body; when the cycle ends after the exogenous testosterone leaves your body at the end of the cycle, it is then necessary for the PCT link to restore its own testosterone is critical (to protect the effect of the link) while allowing your body to quickly return to normal levels, improper recovery will cause health problems, such as low testosterone, while hard work long muscle loss, cortisol dominates the storage of fat, the breakdown of muscle. Recovery using tamoxifen clomiphene chlordiazepoxide to accelerate your recovery process, involving too many professional things, can not be said clearly.

  1. Boldenone is not hepatotoxic.

IV. What is the strategy for using Boldenone?

The standard dose of Boldenone is 250 mg-500 mg per week. Men well tolerate 500mg per week, and side effects are more easily controlled when separated 2-3 times per week. In season, the use cycle of Boldenone is at least eight weeks after changing some drugs that do not aromatize; in the off-season, Bolden is used for at least eight weeks, 12 weeks is usually more effective, Boldenone can be perfectly stacked with other steroids, the circle circulation of many filling fake Boldenone, with testosterone impersonation mostly, please choose trustworthy and professional at the same time. I like to use Baodanone; the probability of acne storage water is also low, and I do not want to cause unnecessary trouble. Off-season to increase lean body weight, improve strength, improve appetite, season to maximize the retention of muscle as well as ensure strength, vascular prominence, and muscle firmness – simple and clear

V. How to get the most out of Boldenone?

Baudanone is a testosterone derivative; as a steroid with a high tolerance level in the body, Baudanone can increase anabolism in the body in a very safe way in most users, thus increasing pure muscle mass.

The reason why TA is said to be safe is that: the probability of aromatization of Boldenone is only 50% of that of testosterone, which means that the probability of estrogenization of TA is very low, the cardiovascular stress of TA is also very low compared to other steroids, and the injection of Boldenone is very safe as well in terms of liver stress. Therefore it is not an overstatement to say that Boldenone is a very mild product. That’s why Boldenone is so frequently in your cycle schedule ~~~

The more effective use period of Biodanone should be during the fat loss period, or because the user himself only wants to appeal to lean body weight gain, then Biodanone must be very few choices ~ ~ ~ If your body fat percentage is a little less than satisfactory on the books, then Biodanone must be very suitable for you. Baodanone has very strong drainage properties; in 12 weeks of butter bread, you can add this product; TA will certainly give your bread to play a plus role ~ ~ that is to collect dry, out-of-muscle mass, and will not let you end up looking very bloated.

But even though it is such a very good product, some buddies still say it is not good; why? The reason for this is that your cycle is not enough ~ ~ yes, the best use cycle of the injection of Baodanone should be in 8 weeks, and if you only jacked a bottle of 10ml, then the role of TA is not played out. And in the off-season you want to use Boldenone for muscle building, then eight weeks are still not enough; you need to lengthen the dose to 12 weeks; 12 weeks is proven more effective boldenone use cycle, with other steroids to make this gain even greater!

And what about oral Boldenone? That is, M1T, usually a box of KF M1T is only 5 mg of 50 capsules ~ ~ you need to use more than 20 mg per day to bring more obvious benefits; although oral drugs work quickly, M1T still needs to use to 6 weeks to achieve better results. If you use a combination of injections in the later stages of M1T initiation, then a six week oral dose is still recommended to achieve a better initiation!

This is how to use Boldenone to get the most out of it.

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