9 Big Differences In Diet During Fat Reduction: Natural fitness VS Technology Fitness


Why choose technological bodybuilding? Why should I insist on natural bodybuilding? I’m sure all of you have your own good reasons before you give your answer: does technological bodybuilding work faster, or is natural bodybuilding better for your body?

The advent of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) has been a major reason for the dramatic changes in competitive sports, and steroids alone have created tremendous value for athletes in terms of promoting nutrient absorption and recovery. This effect is evident from the fat loss period of the diet.

1. Tech warriors can consume more calories

Compared to natural bodybuilders, tech warriors retain more muscle mass, and as we all know, muscle is a calorie-burning factory. For every additional 1kg of muscle, the body will increase the calorie consumption by 30kcal. Don’t look at this as a small number, but the calories accumulated over a certain period of time can be very significant.

In addition, many steroids have a powerful ability to promote fat metabolism, which does not mean that steroids can directly burn fat, but under the same circumstances, the body of the tech warrior fat is more easily mobilized and less likely to hoard fat. These factors add up to make tech warriors can objectively consume more food (calories) and not worry about gaining weight.

2. Tech Warrior results come out faster

Reasonable planning of diet and diligent cardio is the only way to lose fat; however, this does not affect the efficiency of steroids in fat loss. Under the same conditions, tech warriors are able to reach their goals in the shortest possible time, while natural bodybuilders are still suffering from low-carb and low-energy diets, as they can only lose fat at 50% of the former rate (still under the ideal conditions).

3. Tech Warrior Visuals Are Fuller During the Fat Loss Period

Natural bodybuilding enthusiasts will become small and deflated during the fat loss period, and every day when they look in the mirror and see themselves with fewer and fewer training marks, they can’t help but seriously doubt their lives.

“An A claims to be a natural bodybuilder; why is he so full when he loses?”

“A B also claims to be a natural bodybuilder; why did he reduce the circumference not much affected?”

(There are too many people who claim to have natural bodybuilding that defy science and common sense to list here)

This is because you are the only one who really insists on natural bodybuilding! To prepare for a race in a natural bodybuilding state, you have to accept that you are constantly getting smaller, weaker, weaker, and become as if you haven’t practiced. These consequences are facts; whether some people admit it or not, they are objective.

Technology warriors, of course, do not have to worry about these la while using technology can claim that they are using some “mysterious diet” with the help of technology to get a full stretch burst tube state, and then the fat loss effect will be attributed to these secret recipes. If you have basic logical thinking skills, you should be able to see through this charade. Perhaps the gap between tech warriors and natural bodybuilders is not so obvious in the off-season, but during the preparation period, the gap between the two becomes increasingly huge as the fat loss process progresses.

4. Tech warriors are all stretched out; natural bodybuilding enthusiasts are all Not stretched

First of all, can natural bodybuilding enthusiasts pull silk? It can partially pull a little silk. Can they pull all over the body at the same time? No, they can’t. Not only that, their muscle depth and texture are not even close to that of the tech warriors.

The reason is very simple, natural bodybuilding enthusiasts’ muscle volume itself is relatively small, reducing the muscle texture after the natural embodiment of not obvious. In addition, the technology warrior’s skin or sebum is thinner, and thinner skin can naturally show more muscle detail.

Only relying on diet and cardio will never give you the pulled gluteus maximus because it is an impossible task for natural bodybuilders.

5. Tech warriors are getting bigger and bigger; natural bodybuilders are getting smaller and smaller

Have you ever heard of some “successful people” to such a statement: you follow my method of training diet, you can do muscle gain and fat loss at the same time. But unfortunately, this argument does not hold true in the context of natural bodybuilding.

In the bodybuilding preparation phase, the tech warrior can gain while losing body fat across the board! Muscle! This is because steroids and peptide hormones are able to counteract catabolism and even significantly promote muscle synthesis (some drugs do have this function, such as Trenbolone), so you’ll see that the more the tech warrior loses, the more 3D visualization he gets, while the natural bodybuilder not only gets smaller but also gets flattered. Do not pin your hopes on broccoli and chicken breasts; they are not steroids, and naturally, there is no way to help you reverse the trend in the tech plus competition.

6. Natural bodybuilders and tech warriors are a million miles apart in their training methods

In order to maximize muscle preservation, natural bodybuilders must insist on using large weights to maintain training intensity but also not practice more. Large weights can preserve muscle, and controlling the training volume can keep the body from overspending.

Technology warriors well, training methods, overtraining, training intensity, and so on are not a problem; movement control is not in place, it does not matter; the chaotic shaking is also OK because even in these premises, technology warriors can increase muscle.

There are drugs that are arbitrary.

7. Technology warriors are covered in rampant blood vessels, and natural bodybuilding enthusiasts are difficult to burst the tube

A lot of muscle plus the role of drugs will make it the tech warriors easy to pop the tube without pressure: they are like a living map, and the body is covered with clear highways and rivers. Opinions on bursting tubes are a matter of opinion; some people find it disgusting, some people find it awesome, but the one thing that can’t be denied is that the bursting tube thing adds to an athlete’s professionalism and persuasiveness: “Look at people with bursting veins, it’s awesome!”

Natural players may be able to get some burst blood vessels but at a level of absolutely no comparison with technology.

Beautiful and sexy fitness girl with dumbbells

8. The more technology warriors, the more they will boast of “self-discipline” and “hard training “

Don’t come up to diss me, but technology warriors do like to emphasize how hard they work how hard. This is because it involves the psychology of the public.

a. hard work and self-discipline will bring you success.
b. the results are there.
c. there should be some nature of the connection between the first two, right?

And the fact is that as long as you love bodybuilding and treat it as some sort of pursuit, you show some degree of self-discipline and put in the effort. Stubborn natural bodybuilders want to use their hard work and persistence to prove that bodybuilding is simply a sport that has to do with willpower, but they fail because they simply cannot achieve the results that the public expects.

(In the eyes of the public, natural competitors who have worked hard for ten years are not as effective as netizens who have only been practicing for six months)

The paradoxical thing is that while the public is fiercely critical of the tech warriors on the moral front, they are also madly drinking the chicken soup of “hard work and discipline will get you in shape” while at the same time, they disdain the efforts of the natural bodybuilders who have not been able to bring results for more than a decade: “You’ve been practicing for so many years, and you’re still the same. What do you think you want? Look at so-and-so (a technology netizen), how well he has practiced…”

Natural bodybuilding enthusiasts, how do you feel at this moment?

9. The more natural bodybuilders prepare for a race, the lower their hormone levels get; tech warriors? Not worried at all!

A low-calorie diet with no oil and no salt combined with a lot of cardio training day in and day out has already depleted the testosterone in the body. The closer we get to the preparation, the more depressed the natural players are; their physiological state and mental state are both affected; on the side of the tech warriors, testosterone is not enough. Injections to make up for it; the spirit is not good? Fluoxymesterone; not enough dryness? Clenbuterol. All problems have solutions. Oh yes, in case you are too hungry to resist eating a burger, fried chicken, and cola, what to do? Don’t worry; there is t3 it, a minute to help you get it all done.

Once again, the choice of technology or adherence to nature is a decision of free will; others have no right to interfere. But in the field of competitive bodybuilding (emphasis on “competitive”), the purpose of athletes is to be stronger than their opponents and ultimately win the competition. Don’t be too quick to diss “results-based” because, in the end, all you’re fighting for in a competitive bodybuilding competition is ranking (results). If you don’t place, you don’t do well: if you don’t place, all your efforts are useless.

Whether it’s technology or nature, there is essentially no difference in the effort put into bodybuilding; both go through the painful tearing and suffering of aerobic torture. Because all have the same goal, and that is to win. In the end, the use of technology is what makes winning less controversial.

“I’m the biggest; I’m the driest; I’m the most explosive; I’m the best; what can you do to me?!”

No one cares about the loser; only the champion will be remembered.

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